First of all, before you learn how to makeup, you must have an idea or know what makeup is all about. Makeup consists of cosmetic products which are applied to the face to highlight, darken or tone. This is not the definition of makeup though it’s  just a little of how i understand the topic. I know that there are some blogs that you see today that may read: LEARN HOW TO MAKEUP IN 20 MINUTES. Sorry to say that there is no way you can even learn makeup in  a day or two, it takes a lot of courage and constant practices to be able to master it all. Anyways that is why i created this blog so you can learn various steps to become a pro

There is more than just filling eyebrows, applying eyeshadow, powder and lipstick and all that. There are people who can apply the same makeup that you look gorgeous on and look terrible. This is because everybody is not the same. Some has round, oval face and so the shape of brows and colour of eyeshadow and lipstick must differ. You need to know what suits you the most.


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