The eyebrows are considered to be the frame for the eye. the ideal shape can be drawn in three lines-starting from the edge of your nose when measured, the arch should be straight along the line of your eye pupil. Then the end of your brows should be measured from the edge of your nose pass the corner of your eye.

i know i know, you might not understand but don’t worry as soon there will be pictures and video tutorials for all posts. But before then, there are some other things that you will understanding by just reading. I am going to list some of the materials you will need to get the perfect eyebrows.


2.Eyebrow trimmers or razor

3.Brow brush

4.Brow gel or clear mascara gel

5.Brow pencil or brow powder

6.Moisturizer or ice


To be honest, i have never used trimmers on myself or my client, i get scared of them sometimes. Anyway, trimmers as the name implies are used to trim unwanted hair and are also used to shape the brows. I always use a moisturizer or ice before i trim my brows. The ice or moisturizer tightens the surrounding area of the hair to be plucked and so lessens the pain, since this is a DIY i recommend it. The brow brush is used to brush the brows to reveal unwanted hair so they can be removed correctly. You cannot achieve a perfect eyebrow without a brow pencil or brow powder. They are both used to fill in the brow to give it that full and thick look. Whenever i buy an eyebrow kit, it usually comes with a brow gel so i don’t know if you can get one from a makeup store without the complete set. The gel sets the brows into place and make it blend with your natural hairline. You can also use a clear mascara for this purpose. Concealer is known as the highlight for eyebrows, This is the final step to achieving a perfect eyebrow. It clears out the extra hair or brow powder and smoothing the edges of your brows leaving the edges sharp and beautiful. Note that when choosing a concealer for your eyebrows, go with the shade that is twice lighter than your skin colour.This will draw all attention to your perfectly shaped brows in other words, it makes the edges of your brows bright and natural.



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