Hi beautiful people

I have been asked so many times about how anyone can start makeup, what to start with, what you will need and all that. So I came up with this post because I know how you feel, I was in your shoes before. When I started making up, I bought almost everything I didn’t need. I even bought the same thing twice because I didn’t know the difference. I used so many different products at the same time and that’s very very wrong. Apart from the fact that so many have asked me these questions and I have somehow told them what to do, there are still so many people in this same situation. Don’t worry at all because in this post I will take my time and tell you almost everything you need to know about makeup. To start with, I am going to list a few things that you should have as a beginner.

1. Makeup Remover

2. Foundation

3. Concealer

4. Powder

5. Mini eyeshadow palette

6. Makeup brush

7. Lipstick/lip liner

8. Lip balm

9. Eyebrow pencil/powder

10. Mascara and eyeliner

Once you have at least these then you are more than ready to join the train. One trick is that I recommend you buy products of the same make.  For example if you want to use M.A.C products, make sure your foundation, Concealer, powder, and lipsticks are all M.A.C. This will make your look more even and the application will blend together.

Another trick is that you must make sure that your face is clean, avoid making up on dirty skin. Wash your face properly and moisturize. You can wipe off residual makeup with makeup remover. I like to start with my eyes first before I apply any other makeup. First trim your brows or get a professional to do it so you don’t damage your brow growth system. After that, you can decide whether to fill them with brow pencil or powder. Once you are satisfied with the results, go over to apply eyeshadow. If you are going to apply two or three shades,apply a darker colour on the eye socket and around the crease, apply the light colour to blend with the darker colour to give it a faded effect. Sometimes as a beginner, eyeshadow usually fall out all over the cheeks, what I do in this situation is that I place a tape around my under eye. Better still, you can buy an under eye pad too. Apply eyeliner if need be or mascara to set your eyes. When applying a mascara make sure to apply it carefully especially when you are using a dark mascara. I do place a plastic spoon under my eyes when applying mascara on my eye lash. This will prevent the mascara from contacting the skin.

Going over, once the eye is set, you can apply your foundation. Use a foundation brush or if it is a liquid foundation dab with your fingertips and spread it out all over the face. This helps to distribute the foundation evenly. Apply concealer on eye bags if any.

Apply lip balm for fuller lips. Also apply lip liners, they are very essential. Then you can apply your lipstick. Finish the gorgeous look by applying powder. Follow these steps and before you know it you will love making up and you will be good at it.

Stay flawless



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