Tips on how to apply lipstick like a PRO


Hi Everyone

Today I will be talking about how to apply lipstick like a Professional. Applying lipstick like a pro means that your lips will almost look perfect without flaws. Anyone can apply lipstick, but with this few tricks, you will be amazed at the result you will get. When you apply lipstick, especially when it compliments your skin colour, you look a lot better, sharp and beautiful. Applying lipstick is an essential part of makeup as a whole and if skipped, makeup is not complete. You will look pale, sick and like a ghost. Believe me I have seen a lot. Hopefully, I came up with these tips and tricks that I use everyday on myself and my clients to help you embrace the fun part of makeup.

The first thing I usually start with when preparing to makeup is to prep my lips. I like to exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub or use a clean tooth brush to rub my lips in a criss-cross pattern. This makes your lips fuller and pinkish. This process also helps to remove dead skin cells on the lips.

Then I apply lip balm just to keep my lips hydrated and soft. I usually move on to do the rest of my makeup leaving the balm on my lips. When I am done with the other makeup, I wipe out the balm and apply foundation on my lips. The foundation acts as a base for the lipstick and makes it lasts longer.

Then I use a lip liner to outline my lips. (Make sure it’s in the shade of your lipstick) Then I apply my lipstick. I don’t apply it directly, I make use of a lip brush.

Dab a tissue on your lips to remove the excess lipstick. Apply lip gloss to finalize it. Apply concealer around your lips. This helps to brighten the lips and clean up the excess lipstick around the lips.
That’s it guys, the tips and tricks you need to know.

Do you like this post? Do you find it useful? Feel free to tell me what you think by commenting.


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