My top 3 foundations

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There are so many foundations that are available each serving different purposes, we all wish to find that one product that will be the “all in one”. As a makeup artist, I have used a lot of foundations, I like some , love some, dislike some also and i want to tell you about them with this post. Hopefully, this post could help you find your dream foundation. So here is  a little review on my top 3 foundations


1. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

I started using this foundation late last year and I love what it does. It has a matte finish look and creates a natural glow . it’s great for oil and acne prone skin. I always prep my face before I apply my foundation, it goes down well with a good moisturizer. I don’t need to touch up because it lasts long and it does not cause me to break out. I don’t know about you but I love the packaging. Whenever I have a party or a major event, I always use this foundation and the MAC studio fix powder together. The first time i saw it, i purchased 2 of this and i have no regrets whatsoever even though it decreased my budget. I always have this in my hand bag just incase i get into a” foundation talk” Anyway, It gives medium to full coverage especially when applied with a fluffy brush. I just love the finish look,  it doesn’t wear off and it creates a natural look. It doesn’t cost so much so if you are looking for a multi purpose foundation I recommend this.


2. Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation

The Timewise matte_wear liquid foundation is also well suited for those with oily skin. A small amount provides medium to full coverage, it has a lightweight fluid texture that goes on silky smooth. It comes in 23 beautiful shades and has a matte finish. I found this product when I was shopping online. I found the reviews helpful. You can get it at a good price. When I started using it, I found out that it reveals fine lines after 2-3 hours of application. In other to tackle this, I purchased a moisturizer with sun protection. So I apply my moisturizer and immediately apply my foundation. No more fine lines. This foundation lasts longer and is not cakey, it does not irritate the skin.  I have recommended for few friends and none of them have complained about any issue arising from this product. Go Mary kay!


3. JORDANA Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation

Okay this is just wonderful. This is a must have for every girl that likes makeup. Just as the name implies,it does a great job on both concealing and coverage. It comes in 12 shades, you will definitely find the shade that suits you. It gives a glowing,smooth natural look. I purchased this product recently and I love it so much. I always carry this tube anywhere am going. It comes with a squeezable tube which makes it easy to dispense whatever quantity needed. This is just great because I don’t not need to apply concealer under my eyes or anywhere else. This foundation automatically conceals dark circles and dark spots. It holds up very well without creasing underneath my eyes. Words really can’t fully express how amazing this product is. I highly recommend this for those with oily and acne prone skin.

Have you tried any of this foundations? What’s your review about them. Let me know through your comments.


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