5 common skincare mistakes and how to fix them

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This is my first post this month and i am so sorry, i have been very busy with school and because of that, i am not going to be posting often. We have seen and heard a lot of people say that their skin is really bad, sometimes its smooth and sometimes it’s dry or oily. It could be your type of skin or it could just be your little mistake. Yes its true, most times you complain that your acne is coming back, apart from hormonal change , it could also be your ignorance. We all make mistakes, the sooner we correct them, life becomes easier. Here are five common skincare mistakes and how we can fix them.
1.Treating acne only when it shows up
This is where most people get it wrong. You don’t treat a break out only when you see it physically. Even when you treat acne, it hides under your skin layers and resurface when you stop treating it. So the punch line is do not stop treating acne if you are prone to breakout, continue the treatment even when you think the acne is gone.
2. Not wearing sunscreen
The sun most times can be really nice but being under the sun for too long can expose you to UV radiation. Although we cannot avoid this huge guy, we can prevent it from harming us by using sunscreen . I recommend applying sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher. Do not leave your house without your sunglasses. It is very important and can protect the eyes from damage and early wrinkles or unwanted eye bags.
3. Avoid using  products with too much alcohol
Most of the skincare product we use contain alcohol but when the amount is too much, it can cause more harm than good. It can cause irritation, dryness and wrinkles. Avoid using facial wipes or makeup removal that contain alcohol. It’s the best way to keep your skin healthier and smooth. Although there are a couple of alcohol that are very beneficial to the skin .Stearyl alcohol and Cetyl alcohol help to hydrate and emulsify the skin.
4. Use a moisturizer twice daily
Most people avoid this skincare process for reasons i don’t know but moisturizers should be your daily skin drink. When your skin is thirsty, what to do? moisturize. This should be done at least twice a day or anytime you take a bath. Do this immediately you step out of the shower because the skin can start to dry out and dehydrate. Never miss this step.
5. Stay healthy and hygienic
By this i mean keeping your environment clean. Keep your makeup stuff in order and always wash and sanitize your makeup applicators like brushes and sponges. Avoid using products that have passed their expiry dates,  this can be harmful to the skin. Do not use too much products at the same time. I mean when treating a breakout, use one product at a time. Pamper your skin and use facial masks at least once a week.
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