Makeup: Saving Hacks 2

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Hello everyone!

In my last post, i talked about how we can get the most out of our makeup which makes them last longer thereby saving us some cash. Today i am going to continue the post as promised. In this post, i added four more ways that you can get the most out of your makeup even if it means creating your own. Here it goes.

  1. Mix Crumbled Eye shadow with Petroleum Jelly


You might be wondering what this can do, anyway, if you just don’t like a particular shade of colour in your eye shadow palette, don’t throw it away or desert it. You can turn it into a lip colour . All you need to do is add some Petroleum jelly, mix and apply. So easy to get a lipstick out of your not so favourite eye shadow.

2. Revive Dried Matte Lipstick


I once had a matte lipstick (my first ever matte) I can’t remember the product but I rocked it for all I care. As time passed, I decided to try other products and I lost it. After some months, I found it and it was dried. It was not expired, that I was sure of but it was just dry. Many of you must have been in this situation before and you may have discarded it like I did. But I found a way in which you can revive dried liquid matte lipstick just by adding a few drops of coconut oil. After adding, shake well and apply. Adding a lot of oil can change the texture so you should be careful to add a little amount. I have tried it and confirmed it works!

3. Maintain your makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are very essential for everyone who loves makeup. It’s also a very essential product for your daily makeup routine. Maintaining them should be a makeup priority. It’s not only healthy to maintain your brushes, it also makes makeup application looks even more flawless. I did a post on how to wash your makeup brushes recently, so I am just going to rush over this. All you may need is water, olive oil, shampoo or dish wash. Pour the olive oil (little amount) in water(in a small bowl) add the shampoo or dish wash. Swirl the brushes in a clockwise manner. Rinse when clean. Drain out the excess water. For more info on how to Clean your Makeup brushes click here
4. Make your own makeup remover



Makeup removers can be very expensive. Just incase you run out of it, there are DIY ways that you can make your own makeup remover. Oil is a natural makeup remover so it’s the most important ingredient.All you need to do is follow these simple steps. Pour coconut oil in water(small amount of oil) they don’t mix together. You can put this in one of your empty makeup remover container. Add a little face cleanser to it. Microwave it for about a minute in low temperature. Let it cool down before your cover it. Start enjoying your healthy homemade makeup remover. This is 100% safe, I guarantee. It is better than some makeup remover that contain harsh chemicals. Also, it is all natural.

Not all pictures are mine.

I am so glad that I did this post because I know that it will help a lot of people. Also I am excited because I will be posting my first Makeup pictorial very soon. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts. Follow me so you don’t miss any post!


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