Makeup: Save me! part 1


There is always profound joy when i buy a new makeup product from the store even if it costs a fortune. That feeling that you got to try a new makeup product,no replacement soon and you can keep looking flawless. What happens when your favourite powder or blush falls down by mistake and breaks? what happens when your lipstick gets broken or when your foundation gets dry and sticky? i know its terrifying. You can actually replace them. What if it costs a lot and you don’t have enough money for replacements? These are questions that terrifies a lot of women in their daily lives. The good thing is that there are some ways in which you can fix a broken powder as well as other tips that will prolong your products until you can afford new ones. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how big that lovely foundation bottle is, it will definitely run out one day. but before then, you must enjoy every bit of whatsoever makeup it is. Here are five hacks that will save your money on makeup.

  1. Fix a Broken Powder,Blush or Bronzer


Most times when our expensive powder or blush breaks, we throw them away and sulk all day. It can be fixed! All you need to do is grab a spoon and rubbing alcohol.(a denatured alcohol that is often used as antiseptic) Crush them remaining caked powder with the spoon so it becomes smooth, add some rubbing alcohol. Smooth the edges with the back of the spoon. Voila! It’s as good as new.

2. Re-use Your False Lashes


A false lash is not always a one way ticket, you can use it again, again and again until you get tired of it. This is because you can remove to residue glue from the lashes with just a little amount of rubbing alcohol. Run water through the lashes to remove makeup, pour rubbing alcohol at the top of the lash, gently remove the glue. Rinse well, dry with a towel. That’s all, sometimes i put them back in the original holder for storage so you can do the same.



3. Broken Lipstick

Your mac ruby woo got broken? no problem, you can fix it with b94c80e6-2131-4c48-b97d-e82b716e5208a little bit of heat(lighter,match stick or candle). put the broken piece together, apply heat to the broken part. smooth the edges with your finger tips before it gets dried and boom, its like it never got broken.






Dried Foundation


Extend the life of your foundation by adding some moisturizer. sometimes you think that your foundation has finished and you toss it. truth is , there might be some left hidden inside especially in tubes. this is because they are not always transparent. If your foundation gets dried up in a bottle, dont panic , just pour a little amount of moisturizer into the bottle. shake well and apply. you will notice that the amount of foundation inside can last you for at least a week. If it comes in a tube, cut the tube in half, squeeze out the content.pour it in a container(i usually keep my small glitter containers for this purpose). this way you can use every drop of it until its empty.

Dried Mascara or Eyeliner


Do not toss it just because its dried up, chances are that there is still a huge amount that got stalk inside waiting for you to free them. All you need to do is add some saline solution(This is mostly a mixture of salt and water) shake very well and apply.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post? feel free to comment and ask questions. i will be posting the other part soon so follow me to subscribe so you don’t miss it.



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