How to Clean your Makeup Brush


Makeup brushes are very essential tools for our everyday makeup routine. It is true that you cannot get a full makeover without using one or two makeup brushes.  Just as we care for other makeup products and tools, it is also important to give special treatment to our makeup brush. So in this post I am going to be sharing the easiest ways on how you can clean your makeup brush.

Many questions are been asked about cleaning makeup brushes. Like when to clean them, what  to use and how to keep them safe. I am glad that I did this post because when I first bought my makeup brushes (M. A. C)  I had no idea on how to Clean them so I hardly made use of it and I didn’t want anything to happen to them. I was scarred until I learned that there are safe ways to clean them without hurting them lol . Anyways you will be needing the following:
1. Hair shampoo or any light dash wash.
2. Olive Oil
3. Water
4. Toilet paper
5. Clean Towel
6. Small bowl

Pour a little amount of olive oil and shampoo or dish wash into a bowl. You might be wondering why we are adding olive oil to it. The reason is that olive oil has unique properties, these properties will break down any leftover makeup that has built up in between the bristles. Olive oil is best for washing makeup brushes because it’s really light and not thick. When washing, I like to start with the biggest brushes like the powder brush before I go over to the small ones. So back to the bowl, mix the oil and the shampoo or dish wash (which ever one you choose, they both work great) with the brush. You can do this both clockwise and anti_closewise manner. When the makeup starts to come off, rinse the mixture out. When you are done with the washing process, you will have to dry them. This is where we will need the toilet paper and the towel. Fold the towel and the paper a little. Place the brushes on the towel and the paper so that the bristles will rest on the paper. Do not squeeze the bristles to drain the excess water, it could damage it in the process. If it is done like this, all the remaining water will drain out and the brushes will be intact. That’s it! It’s as good as new.

Washing makeup brushes everyday can weaken the glue which holds the bristles together and with time, it will start pulling off. I don’t recommend it. I wash my professional brushes every week depending on how I use them but for my personal brushes, it’s two weeks interval.

Thank you all for reading. Feel free to use the comment box. Tell me if you have tried this method or other method.


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