366 Days of Blogging

Greetings everyone
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Today my blog is a year old and I am so excited. It’s been a wonderful experience  in the blogging atmosphere. Although I had challenges but they made my stronger. In this post, I am going to tell you why I chose to blog with wordpress and what kept me going.

My experience
Last year August I joined wordpress. I was on blogspot but we didn’t have a mutual friendship lol. WordPress was a new environment for me. I knew nobody. I hardly even know what to do at what time. Gradually, I started getting it. I had a niche, Makeup and skincare and I had to focus on it. I mean how hard can it be? I started blogging because I wanted to share my ideas with the rest of the world. I wanted to tell them what I have learned, what I am learning and what I hope to learn.
Here on wordpress, I found out that bloggers are more interactive. I soon started followers tags on my niche. My first follower was onlinebeautyfinds. I was super excited! I had my first post, I got views… Hardly any comments or likes. I usually get like 2 views per day. I was sad because I thought 💭 what’s the point of writing when nobody actually reads your content? I read alot about the wordpress community, how  blogging works and how to get people to read your content. I had to improve in my contents, connect to social media sites. It got to a point where I ran out of ideas. But on thing kept me going, my dreams… Coupled with all this setbacks, school resumed(final year) and I had to dedicated my time to study. No blogging, no activity for 8 months. I graduated successfully and I bounced back. I started engaging with other bloggers. I read contents, liked followed and left comments. Soon my views and traffic began to improve. People began to read my content.
I had achieved alot during g this period and I want to thank everyone who has one way of the other made my dreams a reality. My followers especially, you have encouraged me to be strong, you encouraged me to work hardly to achieve my dreams. Thank you all once again. The wordpress community is such a friendly place. I had made alot of friends, I learnt alot of new things and my life is better off.
One thing I had noticed that works really well is you should always engage with you followers. If you like a particular post, leave a nice comment behind to encourage the writer. Soon you too will reach your goals. I love you all and I will keep doing my best to make my blog a better place.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post, don’t forget to comment, share and follow so you don’t miss any post.


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